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DreamHire has a 96% employee retention rate, which is not just because of our diligent process, but because we also actively follow up with you and candidates routinely. This feedback allows us to communicate with either parties and bridge gaps, if any, which enhances the client and candidate experience. DreamHire is not just a platform, it is beyond that.

Executive Search

Being an award-winning search firm in the Executive Talent niche for about a decade, we know that ‘The Right People Stay,’ and we are here to find them for our clients. Our Leadership team has over 2 decades of Executive Search experience. We have helped organizations find the right leaders who have helped them grow 2X to 10X, and if that’s the need, we are here to do the same for you.

Offshore Hiring

Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions. Our fee structure is sensible and highly feasible for all our clients. We believe in our values and vision towards the delivery.Offshore hiring opens doors to exclusive talent. Domestic hiring is often expensive and competitive. Thus, Offshoring talent is sought out. Outsourcing gives organizations access to candidates with niche skills at lower rates and less competition. This brings forth better business outcomes at lower rates.

Contract Hiring

At KAPITAL, we offer comprehensive contract hiring services that bridge the gap between top-tier ERP talent and businesses seeking flexible workforce solutions. Our specialized team meticulously evaluates the unique requirements of your projects and organizational culture to source and match skilled professionals who excel in their respective domains. Whether you need short-term expertise to meet project deadlines or seek specialized skills for a specific initiative, our contract hiring services provide a seamless avenue to access a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Here’s what they are saying

“I would definitely recommend KAPITAL to anyone who is looking to find qualified candidates in a quick, efficient manner,”

Mr. Kyle Morell, Director FP&A Itron.

“Being able to find the right types of people, the highly qualified people, and doing it quickly, saved us a lot of money.”

Ms. Tracy Okamura, Functional Director of Financial Information Systems at UC Berkeley

“You guys never fail to be communicative.”

Ms. Liz Callahan, Human Resource Analyst at King County.

“The quality of the candidates that were put forward were very good, like we weren’t wasting our time, and you seemed to be very easy to work with in your responses.”

Ted Pettibone, Corporate FP&A Finance Director at Itron