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Contract Hiring 

Some of the many reasons your company might benefit from Contract Hiring are: Access talent in geographically challenging areas - Burn-out-relief for permanent employees - Buy time while looking for more affordable direct hire options. 34% of the U.S. workforce is now engaged in Contract Hiring.

DreamHire (Direct Hire / Permanent Hiring)

DreamHire is a unique, evidence-based, 21st-century recruitment process. It puts all the information about candidates at your disposal. DreamHire has a 96% success rate and a 3-month backfill at no cost guarantee. It helps hiring managers like you make more informed decisions.

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Executive Search

KAPITAL specializes in providing top-notch Executive Search services tailored to meet your organization's leadership needs. With a deep understanding of your industry and a vast network of qualified candidates, we excel in identifying and placing exceptional Executive talent, ensuring your company's continued success and growth.

Offshore Hiring

Our Offshore Hiring services can help boost your company’s workforce and cost savings with minimal risk and a transparent cost structure. Resources say there is up to 15% cost reduction when staffing or hiring offshore.

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Here’s what they are saying

“I would definitely recommend KAPITAL to anyone who is looking to find qualified candidates in a quick, efficient manner,”

Mr. Kyle Morell, Director FP&A Itron.

“Being able to find the right types of people, the highly qualified people, and doing it quickly, saved us a lot of money.”

Ms. Tracy Okamura, Functional Director of Financial Information Systems at UC Berkeley

“You guys never fail to be communicative.”

Ms. Liz Callahan, Human Resource Analyst at King County.

"KAPITAL is uniquely positioned to match talented job seekers with meaningful opportunities"

Maria Carabello, KAPITAL’s candidate at Connecticut Hospital Association as a Senior Data Scientist.

“One word: Super easy! If anyone comes across you guys, I would tell them to go right ahead. You guys are more trustworthy and get the job done.”

Madiha Iqbal, KAPITAL’s candidate at Fedcap as an HRIS Analyst.

“Your responses were very quick, and you all were very forthcoming with information, and that helped a lot with helping me prepare and reducing some of the anxiety.”

Christina Coleville, KAPITAL’s candidate at UC Berkley as a PeopleSoft Security Professional.