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How KAPITAL  finds the right


1. Search Tech
Intake Meetings
We will urge all the stakeholders to meet with us for an hour whenever a requirement comes in to ensure clarity on both ends.
2. Fee Structure
Steering Meetings
We have weekly steering meetings with our clients to share our updates on the hire and learn their feedback at the same time. We continue to have them until the position comes to a successful close.
3. Focus
We will track multiple metrics to ensure that quantity and quality are met in our process to find the right fit. Metrics that we will be tracking is Source of Hire, Time to Fill, Time-to-Hire, Retention Rate, Cost Per Hire, and Quality/Productivity of Hire among others.
4. Results
With the last 2000+ searches, our clients have engaged us on; we have a proven track record of a 96% employee retention rate.
2. Fee Structure
Upon Joining us on Our Journey and engaging us in your Talent search, we assure you a 3-month guarantee.
6. Commitment
We will at no time flood you with 20 odd candidate resumes. Only the best ones identified by us and filtered through our Talent Acquisition process will be presented to you.
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Sales Force
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DreamHire (Direct Hire / Permanent Hiring)

DreamHire is a unique, evidence-based, 21st-century recruitment process. It puts all the information about candidates at your disposal. DreamHire has a 96% success rate and a 3-month backfill at no cost guarantee. It helps hiring managers like you make more informed decisions.

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Contract Hiring 

Some of the many reasons your company might benefit from Contract Hiring are: Access talent in geographically challenging areas - Burn-out-relief for permanent employees - Buy time while looking for more affordable direct hire options. 34% of the U.S. workforce is now engaged in Contract Hiring.

Offshore Hiring

Our Offshore Hiring services can help boost your company’s workforce and cost savings with minimal risk and a transparent cost structure. Resources say there is up to 15% cost reduction when staffing or hiring offshore.

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Here’s what they are saying

“Efficiency, quality candidates, and many to choose from.”

Tammy Mickelson, CIO of The Fedcap Group.

“You feel like we are in this together!”

Ann Stevens, Director Compensation and HRIS at Parkview Health.

“I was delightfully surprised at how professional everyone on the team was.”

Maryam Shahrestani, Oracle HCM Cloud Product Manager

“It wasn’t until we had KAPITAL onboard that we actually got candidates who were fits.”

Margie Doggett, Senior Manager Corporate Applications (Workday) at Ipas.

“It is the level of service that I think is the differentiator.”

Clay England, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bay Area Hospital