We focus and provide our service in industries where we see mutual growth and know that we can add value with our services. We do not believe in putting our hands in too many pots at any given time.

That’s truly what makes KAPITAL different. We’ve become laser-focused on four specific industries: Public Sector (City, County, State & Local Government), K-12 & Higher Education, Healthcare, Commercial (Businesses located in and outside the US), and Not-for-Profit. This has allowed us to become experts in everything they do, understanding industry economics, growth, products, services, marketplace competition, and internal business needs.


K-12 & Universities

A few notable trends of the US education sector include increasing demand for skilled labor, international need for US education, rising blended learning, increasing education funding, and greater use of technology in the education sector. At KAPITAL, we support and love working with the Education sector. We believe the motto of spreading with daily interactions with clients and consultants alike knowledge should always scale up.


Health Care

Clinical & Commercial

Healthcare involves many parties working together. From healthcare staffing and administration to providers and patient care, the market is buoyed by a variety of different workers and technologies. KAPITAL takes it to be an honor to be able to work with some highly driven organizations in this space that have largely impacted society and the health and well-being of people in general.

Public Sector

State, Local, City, and County Government

Expanding public sector employment can be an effective means of reducing unemployment in the short term, providing a stabilizing effect during recessions or in relatively disadvantaged regions. Public sector employment has the power to create demand in other sectors of the economy (e.g., private services). At KAPITAL, we are proud to have worked and continue working with some well-known organizations in this sector.

Public Sector
life sciences

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies

The pharma sector is gradually moving towards lowering drug prices, making it affordable to every citizen in need. Now, that is a commendable move. We love supporting such causes and feel it a privilege to extend our services to organizations alike.

Commercial Organization

Businesses located in or outside the US

One of our largest clients from the online retail sector is the tech giant Amazon itself. It is an accomplishment for us, and we take all the pride in it to cater to the needs of one of the fastest-growing organizations across the globe. Our clients are our priority; hence, we make sure to leave no stone unturned.

commercial org

Our Services


DreamHire has a 96% employee retention rate, which is not just because of our diligent process but because we also actively follow up with you and candidates routinely. This feedback allows us to communicate with either party and bridge gaps, if any, enhancing the client and candidate experience.

Executive Search

Our Leadership team has over 2 decades of Executive Search experience. We have helped organizations find the right leaders who have helped them grow 2X to 10X, and we are here to do the same for you. With a 96% retention rate and a 3-month search guarantee, we assure you the best of the best.

Contract Hiring

At KAPITAL, we secure quality Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft, Workday UKG, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Data Science candidates for our clients within 64 hours. Over the years, we have built our Contract Hire talent pipeline on Madgigs, which is how KAPITAL can find quality candidates quickly and efficiently.

Offshore Hiring

Offshore Hiring opens doors to exclusive talent. Domestic hiring is often expensive and competitive. Thus, Offshoring talent is sought out. Outsourcing gives organizations like yours access to candidates with niche skills at lower rates and less competition. This brings forth better business outcomes at lower rates.

Here’s what they are saying

“I would definitely recommend KAPITAL to anyone who is looking to find qualified candidates in a quick, efficient manner,”

Mr. Kyle Morell, Director FP&A Itron.

“Being able to find the right types of people, the highly qualified people, and doing it quickly, saved us a lot of money.”

Ms. Tracy Okamura, Functional Director of Financial Information Systems at UC Berkeley

“You guys never fail to be communicative.”

Ms. Liz Callahan, Human Resource Analyst at King County.

"KAPITAL is uniquely positioned to match talented job seekers with meaningful opportunities"

Maria Carabello, KAPITAL’s candidate at Connecticut Hospital Association as a Senior Data Scientist.

“One word: Super easy! If anyone comes across you guys, I would tell them to go right ahead. You guys are more trustworthy and get the job done.”

Madiha Iqbal, KAPITAL’s candidate at Fedcap as an HRIS Analyst.

“Your responses were very quick, and you all were very forthcoming with information, and that helped a lot with helping me prepare and reducing some of the anxiety.”

Christina Coleville, KAPITAL’s candidate at UC Berkley as a PeopleSoft Security Professional.