Mine Safety Appliances, or MSA Safety Incorporated, is an American manufacturer of safety products and special equipment to protect workers exposed to various hazardous conditions in industries such as construction, the military, fire service, and chemical, oil, and gas production. They were founded in 1914 after the development of the Edison Safety Mining Lamp. The mining lamp was a battery-powered headlamp for miners to help prevent methane-related explosions caused by open flame lamps.
Cranberry, Pennsylvania
Public Safety

The Challenge

MSA Safety was looking for an individual with Oracle EPM Cloud expertise. Before our Intake Meeting with them, their internal team and partners mentioned that they were facing a couple of challenges trying to hire technically skilled candidates.

Our Approach

Our Intake Meeting with MSA took place on the 19th of April, 2022.
Our point of contact with MSA was with the FICO Business Process Manager and the Talent Acquisition Diversity Advisor.
MSA was looking for an Oracle Cloud Financial Applications IT Analyst when they onboarded us for the search.
The candidate they were looking for was an individual with a strong business sense, which was crucial for the planning, budgeting, and consolidation process. Who could also relocate or travel frequently to Pittsburg.
MSA and KAPITAL agreed on a DreamHire Contingent Search as the search process for their needs.
MSA was impressed with our understanding of their needs and our speed of delivery of a quality candidate.
We attribute our success and development of long-term relationships to transparent, honest, and trustful relationships with our clients.
The highlight of our search was that we always stayed in constant contact and received constructive feedback that helped us find a phenomenal candidate for them.
After completing our first search, MSA extended their contract with us with more positions and even reached out to us to fill their SAP roles.