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February 19, 2019 | Kumar Mangala

Funnel-Test-puposeOur Purpose is simply To Grow People, Brands, and Businesses.

By growing our team well, we will serve our clients better.

Early on, in Kapital Data's formative stages, I had envisioned our purpose in a post I had written in the summer of 2016 : Ticket to Freedom. To this day,  it is super relevant and would like for it to be well into our future. While it is tempting to follow an easier and traditional path to on-boarding new talent/employees into the company -  it is not the same to onboard future entrepreneurs.

So this post is meant to be a renewal of our vows and stick to our purpose.
 Data plans to mentor 100+ high-impact Entrepreneurs, so that they, in turn, build massively successful businesses of their own, upon graduation.

Kapital Data Corp came into being so that we can mentor great-talent with great potential and especially those that are entrepreneurially inclined. Ideally, those that are just entering the workforce.

We empower entrepreneurial-minded women and men to grow a business on their own terms. In our short history, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been earned by women and men who have turned to Kapital Data Corp to support their families, send their kids to school, take a vacation, and pay off their homes. 

I hoped to teach them everything I know about 'Human Capital" (which we simply refer to as KAPITALand it's impact on organizations, and the economy at large. I say hoped, because, in our daily reality I learn from my team -  not from everybody and not all the time - but there have been some invaluable lessons for me personally.

So,  what does mentoring seem like at Kapital?

To me, mentoring future entrepreneurs does not mean a class-room style or 1:1 tutoring. Mentoring is all that happens all day every day. Mentoring future entrepreneurs is letting the learning happen through every day's experience, especially learning from our every failure every day. Mentoring future entrepreneurs is about creating an environment which reflects reality of the business world - but not creating some utopia.  

It's also our model to, selectively, bring aboard experienced great-talent, who are of course entrepreneurially inclined. The expectation is that they will share their knowledge and mentor those that are ready to soak it all in and grow. In turn, through the mentoring they become more rounded and ....cliche as it may be....fulfilled, I hope. 

It is very important to us that we are surrounded everyday by people with high integrity, courage, vision and a desire to succeed, no matter how difficult the conditions might get.

All Kapital Data team members who graduate in the “Kapital-Way” can go on to start their own business which Kapital Data will support; or they can choose to remain indefinitely as a team member, if they continue to meet what is expected of them. 

You ask: What is the Kapital-Way?

Kapital-Way is essentially the dues one has to pay to become a master at starting and growing a business. Graduation in the "Kapital-Way" will require:

  1. Four successful years of uninterrupted service - executing your Key Result Areas (KRAs) - proving that you can stick with something through thick and thin, not quitting when the going gets tough
  2. Personally Earned $400K in cumulative earnings - proving you can turn in a profit
  3. Personally, recruited and mentored at least two new members - proving you can be inspired and inspire
  4. personally, brought on-board five new clients - proving you can evangelize the message. 
  5. Accomplishing ALL four top goals would mean graduating in the “Kapital-Way” - proving you are capable of accomplishing what you set out to do, especially in the real world where change is constant.

Optionally, AND if mutually acceptable, to those who successfully graduate in the “Kapital-Way”, Kapital Data will provide a total of $100K of start-up capital over the course of the first year of the new business and also allow them to acquire one client (the third largest) that they created during their tenure at Kapital Data in exchange for a 49% equity in the new company.

We just entered our fourth year of operation and have seven potential graduates at various stages of their journey. In 2019, we will on-board 10 new associates to become potential graduates of the Kapital-Way.

To your success!

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