How Technology Is Enhancing Talent Acquisition In 2022

The traditional in-person talent acquisition process has not become irrelevant but is for sure facing some serious competition from its counterpart, i.e., the tech-driven, mobile-first, and video talent solutions. 

Technology plays a huge role, especially when organizations are looking at hiring more of the Gen Z and Gen Y’s, along with individuals who have a good hold over the advancements in technology. As a result, it becomes easier to reach out to a wider talent pool using the development in technology and float with the recruitment process accordingly.

As technology is changing and advancing at a puzzling rate, companies are reaching out to external Search Firms who have a more established process when hiring using technology. In turn, they get you the right candidate who not only fits the technical requirements but also the cultural requirements of your organization.

Here are the ways how technology is impacting and enhancing Talent Acquisition in 2022 -

1. Reduces Time and Effort - As Stephen R. Covey said, “The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” You see the results when you take charge of your time and direct your efforts where it’s most needed. Automation in talent acquisition can take some copious manual activities off the Hiring Manager's plates. Speaking for ourselves, we have our DreamHire platform, which we use to assess and analyze candidates thoroughly, using our extensive and elaborate 3-level assessment to make sure that the candidate is a perfect fit for our clients.

Automated tools can now help you, source candidates, administer assessments, schedule interviews, and provide regular updates to candidates throughout the process. It’s a great way to use AI to reduce effort on both sides of the hiring equation.

2. Strategic Approach - When you integrate technology into your hiring process, you should plan strategically. Why do we say so? That is because technology helps you segregate responsibilities and the time that goes into hiring an individual. When you integrate technology, you prioritize your time and save up on a lot of money you shell out for the process overall. We all know that hiring can be a big-budget project; you need to take the technology route to do it the right way and save up on additional costs.

3. Enhances Your Branding - Not to sound pompous, but when we interact with the Top-Level Management of organizations who happen to be our clients, they tell us from their experience that our hiring process was extremely efficient and time-saving for them, as if they were served the right candidate on a platter. So how are we able to do that? By primarily using the advancements in talent acquisition technology.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our dear clients, Tammy Mickelson, CIO of The Fedcap Group, talking about her experience with us. We would urge you to watch it till the end.

Yes, that is the kind of impact technology can have on your hiring process.

4. Right Talent - Last but the most important point is technology helps filter out and get you the right talent for your projects without you having to tug and toil to get your hiring process in place. We say that solely out of personal experience.

At Kapital, we use our three-level assessment process to filter out the most suitable candidates for the job role. The candidates that come through us have had a journey of giving Behavioral Assessments, McQuaig Survey, and a proven record of a 96% retention rate. Yes, 96% of our candidates are still working on their 1st Company Anniversary. Indeed, it is a journey we have happily chosen to take with you.

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