Top 3 ways you should follow to find the best talent for your Oracle Enterprise Projects.

If you are here, you are already one step ahead of a lot of others who are juggling resumes to find a candidate who would be the perfect fit for their Oracle Projects. Let us find out what are the best ways when it comes to finding the right talent for your Oracle needs.

Oracle today ranks among the largest companies in the world in terms of market value and serves as the world’s most popular database management system provider. The company has been quick to incorporate cloud-based technology into its service offerings and, as of the fiscal year 2021, its cloud services & license support segment accounts for more than seventy percent of overall revenues. In addition to being a record year for the company in terms of profits, the fiscal year 2021 also marked a highly successful year in terms of overall revenue, as Oracle reported its second straight year where total revenues exceeded 40 billion U.S. dollars. 


With such huge numbers affixed to its name, Oracle talent is expanding. To pick the best when it comes to finding the right talent for your Oracle Projects, you need to be vigilant of the process used while choosing them, and here’s how you can go about it -


1. When you are looking for your perfect Oracle candidate, the usage of science and technology should be on the top of your list. It is not only necessary but should be compulsory. Why do I say that? The only reason here is that a lot of times transactional recruiters or other contingent recruiters fail to apply something as basic as this, and it results in the candidate eventually leaving the organization in less than 12 months of employment. The transactional recruiters are more focused on stacking up resumes on your desk, which only adds up to your workload.


Now, the question that just surfaced in your mind is - How do you incorporate the usage of science and technology into your recruitment process?

That is only possible when you choose DreamHire, we have a track record to prove why it is so vital, and to say so, probably your only solution. A lot of times when recruiters look past this, they get outcomes that are highly disappointing. The employee leaves the organization sooner, his/her performance is not up to the mark, the time of Managers like you and several others is used up just to train and engage with this employee, I could go on and on, but the solution is - when we are in the 21st century, why should we continue being a part of the 20th century. Let’s crack that shell and make our lives simpler and our recruitment process smoother. Shall we?


2. The next step and a very important one is to go ahead and choose someone who can give you minimum assurance so that you know that your time, effort, and investment are not going down the drain. I will guide you here on why DreamHire holds high significance in this area. 

As DreamHire is an evidence-based recruitment process. It helps you put together all the information about candidates at your disposal and helps to hire managers like you, make more informed decisions.


But what is the assurance that DreamHire gives you? 


  • You get a 12 month risk reversal assurance. Now - who gives that?
  • You get a 96% success rate and an overall cost reduction. What we promise, we deliver.
  • With DreamHire you can now hire in 15 days to 6 weeks time as opposed to an average of 2 months provided by other transactional recruiters.


You do not necessarily have to trust what we say until you try it out for yourself. We cannot wait to welcome you to the DreamHire family.

3. Coming to the third method to getting your perfect candidate, while you are choosing a recruitment agency or any recruiter to satisfy your Oracle talent needs, be sure that they are going to help you omit a bad hire cost and not cause you to incur a bad hire cost. Read that again. 

The U.S. Department of Labor says the cost of a bad hire can reach up to 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. That’s A LOT. Just imagine that being a recurring cost!

CareerBuilder quotes “74 percent of companies who made a bad hire lost an average of $14,900 per bad hire.” 

These are some facts which you just cannot shut your eyes to, if only you wish to save your organization from burning a hole in their pocket. 

If you are still willing to take the Transactional/Contingent route in today’s age where people are more than just their resumes, you are sure to face some bad hire costs. Now, what are they?  Let me break it down for you- 


  • Direct Costs :

Includes the unrecoverable salary, the recruitment agency fee whom you might have appointed to hire the candidate, and waste of management time which is irreversible.


  • Indirect Costs :

Includes the loss of team productivity if the candidate was a part of any team, the team morale is affected, there is a significant loss of business, even the reputation of the firm is put at stake, and then there is the indirect staff turnover that tags along.

We all know that nobody wants to incur these costs, but that’s where DreamHire with its 96% success rate makes sure that you are never the one bearing these costs. 


Finally, I would like to leave you with the thought - Making an informed decision is better than making an impulsive decision. After all, a wise man once said - “Stay committed to your decision, but stay flexible in your approach!