Why you may not be successful in finding the perfect candidate for your ServiceNow Enterprise Projects


If you are reading this you might be a leader in your organization and responsible for your ServiceNow projects.

But before we get to the remedy, are you aware of why ServiceNow is booming at such a rapid rate?  Here’s why -

  • ServiceNow helps get new enterprise apps to market in half the time. 
  • Companies using ServiceNow achieve 2.5x faster application updates.
  • ServiceNow users could repurpose 15% of IT service staff to higher-value work.
  • Developer satisfaction scores doubled when using ServiceNow, helping to retain talent.
  • Employee satisfaction grows from 1.5/5 to 3.5/5 for companies using ServiceNow. 
  • ServiceNow users achieve faster and more cost-effective delivery of business solutions via citizen developers. For more complex applications, a multi-disciplined team of a developer and business analyst could reduce the time to deliver new business applications by as much as 80%.
  • Companies using ServiceNow are able to fully automate 95% of compliance transactions, bolstering profitability and ensuring service scalability.
  • 77% of companies have Service Management Initiatives underway.
  • The average number of ServiceNow products implemented by a single organization is 2.1.
  • 8% of companies implement 2 or more ServiceNow products.


Hence, because of the rapid growth, the need for ServiceNow Talent is in high demand.

You might have a ServiceNow Enterprise Project plan but so far you have achieved no success on that front due to certain loopholes in your internal hiring process. We understand that you are looking for the best and are not willing to compromise on that.

But have you ever wondered what you could be doing wrong or something you might be missing out on?


Don’t worry we have got it all figured.

Why most organizations fail to recruit or retain their ServiceNow Leadership Talent is purely because they are not changing with the changing times. You cannot expect great results using the same age-old methods of Contingent staffing or In-House recruiting. They are 20th-century processes having extremely low retention rates, with no usage of science or technology whatsoever and more so acting like vending machines for resumes. You cannot look at a “piece of paper”, that is, the resume, and analyze or assess your candidates based on just that. You need to go beyond that.

But how do you do that?

By changing your approach and choosing a more unique evidence-based recruitment process, which is DreamHire. It helps you put together all the information about candidates at your disposal and helps hiring managers like you, make more informed decisions.


But why DreamHire?

  • It helps you minimize your commercial downtime by sending you only those ServiceNow candidates who hold some value and not make you suffer through the entire process of distilling out from the pile of resumes lying on your desk.
  • It helps you reduce your overall cost to hire - we do not want you to incur the cost of a bad hire. Period!
  • It improves new employee retention rate to 96% giving you up to 12 months free candidate replacement guarantee - wait, how many other recruiters do that? Not a single one that we can count!

How do we do that? Yes, the lingering question, how is it even possible?

It is possible because we use a 21st century digitized recruitment process - 

  • We use a multi-channel digital content marketing strategy. 
  • We identify employer’s pain points in our first intake meeting before offering them our services because our goal is to not only help you find the perfect ServiceNow candidate but build a long-lasting relationship with you. 
  • We create a Candidate Information Package (CIP) so that the candidates have a better understanding of the organization and the role in general. That’s one of our exclusive services.
  • We have a strong pre-existing network of ServiceNow Talent.
  • We professionally head hunt using our two platforms Madgigs and DreamHire.
  • We have specialized recruiters matching and nurturing relationships with ServiceNow candidates.
  • We don’t just match resumes with the job specification but go beyond that!


Now, what do we mean when we say we go beyond that? 

While other contingent recruiters assess the candidates exclusively based on their resumes, we not only do that but also assess the candidates based on other areas which are rather more important. This includes doing the behavioral profiling of the candidates, assessing them based on key competency questions, and using the advanced hiring technology which a lot of organizations are yet to experience the benefit of. Hence, having a more holistic approach which churns the best results.

There are five parts to how the DreamHire process works- 

  1. Three Level Assessment- 

We conduct a three-level assessment of the candidate according to the three umbrellas of their abilities-

  • Level 1 : Appear to 

How a candidate appears to you when you first see them. You form an opinion of them based on their appearance, mannerisms, expressiveness, interests, and presence, but this is more subjective than objective. After all, it is just an opinion.

  • Level 2 : Can do

What the candidate can do or rather what the candidate ‘says’ they can do based on their resume. The contingent recruiters assume this level to be the final one and assess the candidate based on their resumes. They continue and put them forward to the other interview rounds and maybe the candidate even gets selected. But do they last long enough or even at all? Is the organization able to retain them at least for a year? The answer is NO! 

  • Level 3 : Will do

The organization is not able to retain the employees because what the recruiters fail to do is to assess the candidates based on the “will do” level or rather what the candidate will do given a certain situation, circumstance, or environment. 


This is where DreamHire comes in. DreamHire assesses the candidates based on all three levels as a pre-interview assessment. While the other recruiters only assess the candidates based on the first two levels as a pre-interview assessment and level three as a post-interview one. The third level of assessment is highly significant because we analyze the candidate based on their aptitude, attitude, self-motivation, their temperament, maturity level, judgment, and other important factors. These are rather softer skills but very firm traits.


2. McQuaig Assessments:

These are two assessments conducted by the McQuaig Institute which has over 50 years of experience in behavioral profiling giving us a sturdy reason to partner with them.

  • Job Survey ( for Employers) -

It takes 5-10 minutes to complete the survey. It is to be filled by the hiring managers and anyone who is going to interact with the candidate. The system eventually combines each person’s report to create a Job Survey Report which helps us understand what you are exactly looking for in the candidate.

  • Word Survey ( for Candidates) 

It takes 20-25 minutes to complete the survey and should take nothing more than that. The best answer being the first one. This helps us place the candidate in the right role for them. 

We merge the two surveys received from the employer and the candidate to give you a Job Fit Interview Guide. This shows a graphical representation of the two reports and compares them to see whether the candidate is a perfect fit or not. Brilliant right?

3. Introductory Video:

We ask the candidates to record an introductory video not narrating their resumes but pitching themselves and sharing how they can add value to the growth of the firm. It helps us assess the candidate’s qualifications, soft skills, and video presence.


4. Key Competency Questions:

Asking these questions helps us understand how the candidate will use their acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities to help the growth of the firm. Example question - What do you think about ‘Ambition’?


  • Launchpad Videos-

These are some predetermined questions at the bottom of the assessment, nothing too onerous but the recording will be “live”. The candidate will have a few seconds to read the question and 30-60 seconds to answer the question, in the same way, if they were to answer in an interview. There are full instructions and a test question before they answer the questions. 

5. Cost of a Bad Hire:

If you take the Transactional/Contingent route in today’s age where people are more than just their resumes, you are sure to face some costs due to a bad hire. Let us break it down for you- 

  • Direct Costs :

Includes the unrecoverable salary, the recruitment agency fee that you might have appointed to hire the candidate, and waste of management time which is irreversible.

  • Indirect Costs :

Includes the loss of team productivity if the candidate was a part of any team, the team morale is affected, there is a significant loss of business, even the reputation of the firm is put at stake, and the indirect staff turnover.


To sum it up, if you want to fulfill your ServiceNow needs and hit the bulls-eye on recruitment- 96% of the time, DreamHire is your only way out.

  • You get a 12-month risk reversal assurance.
  • You get optimum results with DreamHire. Try it for yourself and only then you will know why we say what we say.
  • 96% success rate and overall cost reduction.
  • Hire in 3 to 6 weeks time as opposed to an average of 2 months provided by contingent recruitment agencies.


DreamHire is a cumulation of team, methodology, and technology to help you find your perfect ServiceNow Talent.  DreamHire is not just a platform, it's beyond that.



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