The Biggest Contributor to KAPITAL’s Success


It all started with a client.

A long while ago, when KAPITAL was in the initial stages of establishment, we realized upon speaking to our clients and engaging in various talent searches the importance of staying updated, sharing feedback, and learning about the ongoing developments. 

That is how the concept of Steering Meetings came into the picture for us and has since transformed into one of KAPITAL’s unique value propositions. 

What did our Steering Meetings help us achieve? Everything listed below and more:

  • 96% employee retention rate
  • Better client relationship management
  • Understanding the requirements in detail
  • Prioritizing as per the changes
  • A long-term relationship with our clients
  • Valuable candidates
  • Building trust
  • Abundant client satisfaction
  • Providing quality
  • Accelerate the talent acquisition process

At what stage do KAPITAL’s Steering Meetings come in our hiring process?

Once a client engages KAPITAL on a DreamHire Retained Search, we first like to begin the process with an Intake Call, where we understand the search requirement from all stakeholders in-depth by asking them various questions that are mindfully picked by our Talent Expert Leaders. The objective is for us to understand the requirement from a Functional/Technical and, most importantly, a Culture-fit perspective.  

After gaining insights and discussing a search strategy, we build a pipeline of suitable candidates from scratch. Next, we follow our 17-touchpoints process to determine whether or not the candidate is a fit for the role.

Only after these steps do we start having weekly Steering Meetings with the client. It helps us go to them with significant updates regarding the progress of the search and learn their feedback simultaneously. 

This indeed helps both parties to stay connected and build long-term relationships. Through this, our clients are always informed about the progress of the search. We get into the smallest details to be able to serve our clients the best. Eventually, this helps us find a candidate who would be with them for the long run and who will fit the puzzle the best.

We continue to have weekly Steering Meetings until we close the position successfully.

Listen to one of our notable clients, Mr. Clay England, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bay Area Hospital, talk about KAPITAL’s search process and the effect of our Steering Meetings on a Workday search that the Bay Area Hospital engaged with us on: 


Steering Meetings have been a game changer for KAPITAL. Although, the fact that the concept is not widely implemented comes as a shock to us, especially when the Talent Acquisition industry is concerned. In today’s day and age, people are trying to give and get faster results, which does more harm than good, as they end up incurring bad-hire costs. At KAPITAL, we cannot fathom the attribute where a candidate is selected by recruiting firms based only on their resumes. That’s one reason companies aren’t able to retain their employees, primarily because there is a massive grey area in their screening process itself. That needs to change and be re-evaluated.

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