Our DreamHire Process explained.

Everyone wants to see better days, but not many want to work for it. DreamHire has come into existence to solve that very problem. It is not only a platform but an experience at large, which is what our clients have to say. It makes their hiring process as smooth as a glider, giving them a breath of relief while we help them get their Dream Hire.

You might think we are saying so because it is a platform that we have curated, but DreamHire has a 96% success rate and a 12 months risk reversal assurance to give you a fact check. Yes, 96% of our DreamHires are still working on their first anniversary!



With the introduction being out of the way now, you might be wondering, what makes DreamHire different from the other staffing processes? 


DreamHire is a unique, evidence-based, 21st-century recruitment process. It puts all the information about candidates at your disposal. It helps hiring managers like you make more informed decisions, unlike any other staffing method, where candidates are solely analyzed and hired based on their resumes. The key differentiating factor here is that DreamHire takes the additional step to assess the candidates, based on not only their resume, but their soft skills, which are, their aptitude, attitude, self-motivation, temperament, maturity level, judgment, and other important factors. 

Here’s how the DreamHire process works. Over the years, we have built it to suit our client’s needs and protect them from incurring a bad-hire cost. 

1. Intake meeting- Upon signing the contract, we require the hiring managers to spend 60-90 minutes digging deep into the requirements of skill sets, certification, responsibility, etc. We would also need all stakeholders to be present for the meeting to get more clarity and make the process smoother.


2. Search Strategy- Identify who our target employers are — preparation of the CIP (Candidate Information Packet).

The intake call also allows us to customize a search strategy depending on the requirement. For example - If the Workday HCM Analyst opportunity in a Hospital requires someone to be onsite, then our search strategy in terms of location would be to draw concentric circles in and around the region where the Hospital is situated. If the client would like the Candidate to come from a Hospital background, we try to seek out people from Hospital backgrounds to fit into our client’s organization’s culture. We try to source candidates from organizations with similar employee sizes so that the individual is not overwhelmed by the work and seamlessly matches our client’s needs. We would only identify and pipeline candidates who have strong HRIS Analyst experience and have been responsible for post-production support in a Hospital environment.

Hence, the requirements will enable us to narrow down parameters in terms of geography, employee size, candidate background, certifications, etc., to identify the ideal Candidate. We go ahead and put together a Candidate Information Packet (CIP). It debriefs the short-listed candidate about the client, opportunity in hand, benefits, and other details that can inform them better.


3. Candidate Approach- Following our discussion, we build a candidate pipeline and headhunt the individuals by working on candidate outreach approaches.



4. Steering Meetings- Once a day, every week, we would have 30-60 minutes steering meetings with you to keep you in the loop. We share the updates on our end, and we learn your feedback on the candidate presented. 


5. 3 Level Assessment- We then examine the candidate based on 3 Levels of assessment. 


Level 1- The appear to level- Here’s where we analyze the candidate based on their appearance, mannerisms, expressiveness, interests, and presence. This is more subjective than objective but still is very crucial.


Level 2- The can do level- Moving on from level 1, the candidate is then assessed based on what the candidate can do or what the candidate ‘says’ they can do as per their resume, which does not give us adequate insights into how the candidate will perform once hired.


Level 3- The will do level- Assessing the candidate based on their resume does not give us a holistic understanding of their capabilities. Hence, we take it a step further and analyze the candidate based on their aptitude, attitude, self-motivation, temperament, maturity level, judgment, and other important factors. These are relatively softer skills but very firm traits. We do this using our DreamHire platform. DreamHire assesses the candidates based on all three levels as a pre-interview assessment. While the other recruiters only assess the candidates based on the first two levels as a pre-interview assessment and level three as a post-interview one. That is a prominent reason why the candidate does not stay with the organization in the long term.

6. Short-List- The short-listed candidates are put through the DreamHire Process. Following this, they are supposed to create their profiles by responding to some Key Competencies, record an introductory video, and have to respond to the selected questions using launchpad videos. You will have access to our platform 24/7 to review the candidates, and if you like them, we will move them to the interview round based on their performance.


7. Client Interview- Depending on your preference of candidates, we’d schedule interviews to save your time by using our DreamHire platform. 

8. Execute- Once you finalize a candidate, an offer is made. The internal Sales and Recruiter Source is responsible for filling out the BID details regarding the client and the candidate to avoid any discrepancy. 

I know the next question that you would want to ask is how much does it cost?


With a 96% retention rate and giving our clients a 12 months risk reversal assurance, our pricing is quite cost-friendly. 


That is 25% of the candidate’s first year’s compensation. Furthermore, it’s divided into 1/3rds.


- 1/3rd is paid on signing of the contract.

- 1/3rd on the presentation of the final list of candidates.

- 1/3rd on the successful placement of the candidate.

The pricing remains flexible to suit your requirements.


So here it is, our DreamHire process curated to help our clients flourish and regulate their hiring process. After all, time spent on Hiring is time well spent. As Red Adair once said, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” That stands true to date. 

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