How We ‘Always’ Manage To Find The Right Fit

“The Right People Stay” - is KAPITAL’s bedrock talent acquisition principle.

Let us take you through a process that helps us filter out the most suitable candidate(s). Who possesses not only the soft and hard skills required but also a real passion for the job/role. This focus and fundamental belief have driven the 96% first-year and 92% second-year retention rates for ALL our hires. 

Our search journey starts only after an in-depth understanding of what our clients are looking for in the candidate. That happens through our intake call, and our understanding continues to evolve during the weekly steering meetings (We have these weekly to touch base with our clients and keep them updated); here’s where we shape our search strategy.

Our search strategy lays down specifics: i.e., target organizations, target geographies, skill sets, experience levels, etc. Having identified our search strategy specifics, we move on to the next step.

We build a custom pipeline (Of 200 candidates on average) from scratch, considering our client's discerning requirements. We further our search by creating a Suspect and Prospect list. 

  • The Suspect list is where our Expert team identifies suitable candidates for the position and adds them to the list. The job requirements filter these.
  • The Prospect list is where we add the candidates once we hear back from them. We use our investment in Madgigs, GitHub, DreamHire, Zoominfo, LinkedIn, Dice, and to acquire their email addresses and contact. 
  • We attend several industry conferences (Like Oracle Openworld, Workday Rising, and Dreamforce) and gather lists of professionals from various industries and nurture them so that we can move rapidly when we have a perfect match.

To get in touch and connect with our candidates, we have ten key tools that we employ. We use these tools across 17-touchpoints.

The following are some of the methods we use:

  • In-person meetings
  • Phone conversation
  • Leave a voice message
  • Text
  • Email
  • Send out LinkedIn Invites
  • LinkedIn messages
  • InMail
  • Zoom calls

We use these tools to connect and assure that they are the right people for the position at hand. Using these methods also helps us identify viable candidates who are passively looking to jump ship. We filter them out of the list if they are not responsive or learn they are not the right fit after the conversation. 

Here’s one of our candidates, Maryam Sherastani, speaking about her experience with Kapital:

We have 17-touch points only to ensure that the candidate we bring to our client is not just any candidate but the right fit. 

After finding a candidate who is the near-perfect fit, we put them through our DreamHire process, which is constantly raved about by our clients—fun fact: It has a 96% retention rate. To know more about our DreamHire process and what it looks like, click here - 

For more information about our Talent services, you may check out our website and LinkedIn.

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