How to stand out when you apply for a job


Job applications and interviews can be intimidating and discouraging if you are repeatedly turned down. However, learning how to differentiate yourself from other job seekers can help you land a job. Here are some tips for standing out from the crowd of job seekers:

1) First, make sure that you have a good LinkedIn profile:

Recruiters and hiring managers will typically look you up on LinkedIn first. So make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume. Also, have a nice picture of yourself and a cover photo to round out your profile. It humanizes you beyond your resume by putting a face to the name. At KAPITAL, when we hire for our internal or client requirements, one of the initial things we like focusing on is navigating the individual’s profile and getting a sense of their personality. Updating your LinkedIn profile from time to time would help you crawl up to the employers' list faster.

2) Connect everything you can to revenue:

If you work in sales or if your role contributes to the company's overall revenue, monetize your contributions. If you've been a top seller, include your goals and achievements for each year of employment, either at or above and beyond. Overall, be honest and ensure you come across someone they can trust.

3) Mention your honors and accomplishments:

Mention any awards you have received, such as the President's Club or something similar, and accomplishments you are proud of in solving problems you have previously encountered. Give specific examples of challenges you faced in your previous job and the innovative and creative solutions you used to overcome them.

4) Clearly show that you did your research on the company:

Study the company and the employer, so you are prepared to answer any questions about the company. You demonstrate your knowledge of the company by tying your answers to what you have learned about them. Take the time to learn about the company's culture, mission, vision, values, and recent accomplishments and improvements. This understanding helps you understand how you can contribute to their needs and highlight that on your cover letter, which impresses the hiring manager because it demonstrates your enthusiasm for the company. Then, prepare to give a brief elevator pitch about the company's products and services.

5) Be confident and honest:

Confidence and a smile always keep you a step ahead. Be confident, and rehearse your answers and the knowledge you’ve collected throughout the years. It is essential to be honest with your accomplishments. Genuinity takes you a long way. Express your journey throughout your accomplishments. Be candid about your shortcomings. Show how you can recognize your weaknesses and how you’re aware of your actions and shortcomings. For example, when you want to showcase your versatility, be honest about your preferences in different situations. And do not be a yes-man to everything that is asked of you.

6) Timeline your career and emphasize your evolution:

Timelining your career provides clarity of your qualities. It gives the recruiter to assess your work ethic, attitude, worth and potential. Provide a sequential and systematic timeline of your career and growth. Focus on your development, and you are not just fit for the role but have immense potential.

7) Prove that you will most definitely be an asset to the company:

One of the significant contributions you can make to any company is to help them grow. Your personal growth in the company is directly proportional to the company’s growth. Show them how you’ve impacted the development of your previous company. Mention a few tricks of the trade you’ve picked up on and how it has enhanced your ability to focus and work. Emphasize all the qualities and contributions you will be bringing to the table. Explain how your addition to the company will impact factors like return on investment, cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, leadership, problem-solving, etc.

To conclude, we believe that keeping these points in mind will help you separate yourself from the herd. We at KAPITAL help organizations find the talent that’s the right fit for them. We come across many candidates and resumes every day. In our screening process, we evaluate candidates that are confident, suitable, and have all the qualities mentioned above.


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