5 reasons why retained search is the best solution for your Salesforce Enterprise Projects

From our past experience, we have come across a number of prospective clients, who always have a common take on contingent staffing, proclaiming it to be a “safer” and a “better” option over retained staffing, but the question that arises here is - Is it really that “safe”? Let us find out -


1. To begin with, when it comes to hiring the best Salesforce individual, you and I, we both acknowledge the fact that we are looking for the best and nothing less than that.

So, do you really think you can get the best, when every other recruiter out there is trying to put piles of resumes on your desk to win the rat race? We both know the answer. That is exactly the scenario when contingent staffing is considered and that’s where DreamHire stays unsurpassed, and no, I am not asking you to plump for it, you could because that could be your best bet, but first, I want you to question yourself - Why would you not want to choose something which is driven by science and technology, and go for a 20th century process just because you think it’s “safe”?


2. I understand what you are saying when you say that contingent staffing is a “safer” and a “better” option. Yes, it might be a better option, but only if you are looking for someone who is going to leave the organisation in less than 12 months, just because the recruiter only screened the candidate based on their resume and tallied their resume with the job description. Here’s where the  distinction comes in - The DreamHire process does not stop there. It takes it a step further, and does what the other recruiters do as a post-interview assessment, DreamHire does it as a pre-interview one. 

Now the question that immediately comes to your mind is - How do you do that?

It’s no magic, but just by using the advancement in science and technology, we don’t only assess the candidates based on their resumes, but more importantly gauge their - soft skills, which are; their aptitude, attitude, self-motivation, their temperament, maturity level, judgement and other important factors. These are soft skills but very firm traits. Doing this as a pre-interview assessment helps you get a much better clarity on how the candidate would behave given a certain situation, circumstance and an environment.

3. Salesforce being a giant in its domain, it surely has some exceptional achievements to boast about. To mention one of them, is their ever-expanding product suite. They kick started with Sales CRM and now have products that help customer support, marketing, commerce, analytics and much more. Salesforce has an acquisition strategy, which means they tend to acquire companies, and then integrate it into their existing product suite. Salesforce Products such as Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Commerce Cloud, Mulesoft & Tableau, have all been Billion dollar acquisitions. 

With that being said, great success comes with great responsibility - To acquire a candidate who has expertise in Salesforce and who is going to be a promising employee, you need to be certain about how long they are going to be with your organization and whether or not they are going to be worth your time and investment. To assist you there, DreamHire has a success rate of 96% and gives you a 12 months free risk reversal assurance. We only boast about this because we have a proven track record. 

The assessment that the candidate has to go through, helps us get an understanding of how well would he/she fit the role and how satisfied they are with the job role even before you interview them, and history is proof, a happy candidate is definitely not someone who is going to quit within a year, and for that matter, for a few years to come.


4. When you choose retained search, you are choosing trust. It is not just about getting you the perfect Salesforce candidate, well, majority of it is, but something even more important is to build trust and a long term relationship, and that does not happen when recruiters are trying to stack up resumes on your desk.

With DreamHire, when we have the first intake meeting with you, we try to understand your pain-points before offering you our services because we believe that knowing the root cause is of high magnitude and only after analysing that, we go ahead and see what would be an ideal solution for it, and then offer you our services accordingly. We do not want to rush the process because that could be very much proportional to you losing out on your time and investment.


5. The fifth reason is… Do we really need another reason? 

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