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The Team

We look forward to working with you!

Kumar Mangala

Founder + CEO

As the Founder and CEO of Kapital Data Corp, he is responsible for positioning Kapital Data as a reliable Staffing Solutions Provider. Building a high-performing culture while coaching and mentoring...

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Kavita Madhavan

Data & Insights Officer

As the Founder of Dataquin, Kavita has spent the past two decades plus honing her expertise with DATA, serving the needs of emerging and large pharmaceutical companies that are preparing with a...

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Phil Shipos

Director of Professional Services

Phil brings 15 years of ERP Sales and Recruiting experience to Kaptial Data. As the Director of Professional Services, Phil is responsible for service and delivery of staffing solutions, creating a...

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Carmen Galindo


As the Controller at Kapital Data, Carmen is responsible for accounting, finance, and much more. A large part of her role is finding top talent for our internal team as well. She strongly believes in...

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Jeffrey Connaughton

VP – Sales (Strategic Accounts)

With over 15 + years of sales leadership experience, my passion is building up others around me and helping the team achieve great success.  In quoting Aristotle ~ “The whole is greater than the sum...

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Pravibha Nair

Client Success Executive - Salesforce.com Talent Solutions

Pravibha is a Client Success Executive for Salesforce.com CRM at Kapital Data. She is highly driven by spaces that allow her to explore and grow and it so happens that Kapital Data's core values of...

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Pragti Punjabi

Director of DreamHire

Pragti is from Visakhapatnam, India. She has had 2 years of Client Servicing experience in Event Management in the past. She strongly believes in the saying, “We only regret the chances we didn’t...

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Chaarshani Dwarapureddy

Client Success Executive - WorkDay Talent Solutions

Chaarshani graduated from Andhra University in Mechanical Engineering along with a master’s degree in International Business Operations. She began her entrepreneurial journey in the year 2017 while...

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Bharath Vasista

Solutions Architect

Bharath is a Web Developer from Bangalore, India with a Computer Science Degree. Bharath has an experience of 6 years in the technology industry as an Application and Web Developer. He started his...

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Bhaskar Reddy

Director India Operations

Bhaskar has 12+ years of experience in the staffing industry working for large organizations and a startup - serving private and government customers. He has knowledge of end to end business of...

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Rajasimha Srivatsava

SaaS (Oracle & Workday) Talent AcquisitionLeader

Raj lives in Visakhapatnam, India with his wife and son. An IT Staffing expert with more than 16 years of successful experience in full life cycle Recruiting and Business Development. Raj began his...

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Ashwini Bhaskar

Operations Team Lead

Ashwini resides in the Bangalore, India with her husband and daughter. Together, Ashwini and Bhaskar make a great team. She has been working in the IT industry for 6+ years and has a versatile...

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Sirisha Rajasimha

Recruiter - Oracle Cloud Specialist

Sirisha lives in Visakhapatnam, India with her husband and son. She had 8 years of teaching experience, teaching math and science. She began her career in IT staffing and is currently working for...

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Sunil Beesetty

Recruiter - SaaS (Workday & Oracle)

Sunil is currently living in Visakhapatnam, India with his family. He has a Bachelor's  Degree in Commerce and MBA in Marketing & Finance specialization from ICFAI University. He started his career...

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Vijay Kumar

ERP Recruiter

Vijay lives in Visakhapatnam, India with his family. He has a Bachelor's Degree in B.sc (Computer Science) from Andhra University. Vijay worked as a Team Leader in Venture Offshore, has a total of 11...

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Batul Buxa

DreamHire Content Specialist

Residing in Visakhapatnam, India, Batul is the DreamHire Content Specialist. She focuses on developing and creating content for the Kapital Data website and various social media platforms. Batul is...

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Shashank Tosawad

Client Success Executive - Kronos Talent Solutions

Residing in Visakhapatnam, India, Shashank is a client success executive at Kapital Data. He enjoys making new connections and reaching out to as many potential clients as she can. Shashank makes the...

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Allina Ghosh

Client Success Executive - Peoplesoft Talent Solution

Allina resides in Kolkata, India. As a Client Success Executive for PeopleSoft at Kapital Data Corp, she has a lot to bring to the table. She is an ambitious person who strives for individualism and...

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Shreyans Shetty

Client Success Executive - Oracle Talent Solutions

Shreyans is a Client Success Executive for Oracle Cloud Talent solutions at Kapital Data. His job is to find leads, open positions in companies pertaining to the software, and set up meetings with...

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Geethu Vijayan

Talent Acquisition Executive - Workday Talent Solutions

Geethu is part of the Talent Acquisition Team in Kapital Data and specializes in finding exceptional talent for Workday. She has completed her MBA in Human Resources from the Global Institute of...

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Sridhar Thamma

Talent Acquisition Executive - PeopleSoft Talent Solutions

Sridhar lives in Visakhapatnam, India, with his family, and he is fresh out of college. He began his career in IT staffing with Kapital Data Corp as Talent Acquisition Executive. He has done...

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Neville Patrao

Client Success Executive - Salesforce Talent Solutions

Neville resides in Mangalore, India. His role is of a  Customer Success Executive - Salesforce.com Talent Solutions at Kapital Data. He has done his B.Sc in Hospitality and Tourism. When he is not...

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Tejaswi Rudresh

Client Success Executive - SAS Talent Solutions

Currently residing in Bangalore, India, Tejaswi loves playing his guitar, spending time with puppies, and creating long-term relationships with people. Here at Kapital Data, he helps clients overcome...

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Ninoshka Patrao

Corporate Recruiter

Ninoshka has 1.5 years of corporate experience and resides in Mangalore, Karnataka. She has completed her Bachelors in Business Management, which I completed in Mangalore, India, and has a Masters in...

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Varun Upadhyaya

Client Success Executive - Workday Talent Solutions

Varun resides in Bangalore, India. Jack of a few trades, master of one. He is a Client Success Executive at Kapital Data, and his duties majorly involve generating company leads that need skilled...

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Yuthika Bomarasipeta

Multimedia Communications Manager

Yuthika brings in the creative side of Kapital Data. She recently graduated with a degree in Media studies, English, and Psychology and worked with visual content creation and curation. She now hopes...

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Vidya Sista

Talent Acquisition Executive - Workday Talent Solutions

Vidya is part of the Talent Acquisition team at Kapital Data and specializes in finding Workday's top-notch talent. She has completed her MBA in Marketing from GITAM University, Visakhapatnam. She...

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Aswathy Vinod

Talent Acquisition Executive- SAS Talent Solutions

Based out of Kerala, India, Aswathy’s role in Kapital Data is as a Talent Acquisition Executive for SAS Talent Solutions. It is a fairly new practice incorporated into our expertise. Along with her...

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Tanuja Pollamsetty

Operations Executive

Tanuja is the Operations Executive at Kapital Data. She is primarily responsible for accounting, invoicing, and billing. Also, in assisting payroll calculations, She is a BBA (Bachelor's of Business...

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Kshitij Meshram

Web Developer

Kshitij Meshram resides in Nagpur, India. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Technology from Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science. He has a good understanding of front-end and...

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Prasad Durga

Web Developer

Prasad is a Junior Web Developer here. He enjoys reading books, communicating, and socializing with new people. He is always ready to learn new things and likes to solve puzzles. I love coding and...

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Lekshmi Nath

Talent Acquisition Executive - Oracle Cloud Solutions

As a Talent Acquisition Executive for Kapital Data Corp, Lekshmi is responsible for seeking out qualified candidates and encouraging them to apply for available positions at the Oracle domain. She is...

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Prayash Sinha

Client Success Executive - Oracle Cloud Solutions

Residing in Guwahati, India, Prayash is a Client Success Executive at KapitalData. He has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce(H) and has some good work experience with the hospitality and banking...

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