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What We Do

We deliver creative technology solutions mainly concentrating on the Talent Acquisition and Recruitment space to help solve the most common problems being faced around the world today

  1. Time to fill
  2. Quality of hire
  3. Cost-per-hire

How We Do It

We do this by providing the best in-class Technology, Tools, Infrastructure, Methodologies and in-depth expertise.
From Web/Mobile Apps to Automation Solutions, to Search to Chat Bots, KapData’s Solutions Group can help solve any problem to improve your business efficiency.


Why Us?

We are backed by a combined experience of 75+ years in hiring and driven by entrepreneurial-minded technology enthusiasts, that produces the right blend of experience and expertise to deliver success.

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Problem Statement: As a professional recruiter, one can’t keep track of the time that is required to organize candidate resumes, parse them to create profiles, evaluate them for the right fit, submit them to clients, schedule interviews, etc. How they wish they had someone to do all of this for them, on their behalf!

Solution: Automation is a key element that simplifies modern hiring. With our solution, our Bot will fetch resumes from an email inbox, parse all the candidate details, apply to the right position on their behalf, and notify all the key parties interested and use simple metrics like skill matrix match to further shortlist and present qualified candidates in that pool to your client. Our methods have proven to be efficient in a way that your time to fill decreases by at least 30%

Key things you can achieve through our Automation Solution:

  1. Seamlessly integrate with your company Careers Page
  2. Fetch resumes from job application emails and parse them to create new profiles
  3. Identify duplicate profiles and update/overwrite/ignore depending on the integrity of data
  4. Update the information of out-dated profiles
  5. Invite the candidate to your Applicant Tracking System and notify all interested parties
  6. Get the Skill Matrix Match graph to make a decision on whether the candidate is a match for the requirement or not
  7. Submit the qualified candidates to your client

Talent Search

Problem Statement: To trust the searching algorithm to produce the right result set for your requirement - often ends up in you wasting a lot of time due to poorly fetched results.

Solution: Our search solution produces the best result set for your queries, using full text, semantic and contextual methods. Getting quality results in double quick time ensures that you save a lot of time whilst actually fetching the profiles that matter.

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Other Key Areas of Focus

Personalized Job Boards:

Applicant Tracking System:

Web/Mobile Application Development:

Technology/Business Consulting:

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Technology Specialties

It's not all about the tech. Because technology implemented without a clear business focus can't produce its true value. Our people—behind the tech—help transform organizations. We're powered by collaboration—among ourselves and with our clients. Nothing can be achieved overnight, and hence we play the long game, investing in our clients and our people.

Now all that’s left is to bring together the expertise, the solution, and you. Please get in touch for further information and to help generate and unlock the opportunity.