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Key Hire Search

Grow Your SaaS ERP Talent 

Why Kapital Data?

With our built-from-scratch technology that covers every stage of the Permanent Hire process, Kapital Data has simplified the way for employers — both small and large — to reduce time-to-hire of niche SaaS talent.

Since  2012, we have invested over $1+ million dollars in Madgigs. Combining the best technology and the most talented Recruiters, Kapital Data has achieved a 92% placement rate, has grown to a team of over 35, and has been listed as the #1 fastest growing company in Philadelphia. Kapital Data is uniquely positioned to become the next great search firm powered by the most advanced Search Platform in the world.

Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering the finest customer service—and the highest quality SaaS talent in the industry. The goal of each and every member of Kapital Data is to reduce your time-to-hire by 50% or more, and we do this by working only with SaaS professionals.

Finding top talent isn't easy, and we hear this a lot. Clients will come to us with one of two problems: They're getting too many unqualified resumes and leads, or they are not getting enough. If this sounds like your organization, our search team can find you the talent for your permanent hire - in 50% less time than the industry standard.

The Average SaaS Professional Search Takes 125 Days!

Kapital Data is well positioned to shrink the time for your next key SaaS hire through:



Since 2012 we have invested over $1M in Madgigs. This gives us a competitive advantage by using the search technology that makes acquiring ERP talent easy.



The Kapital Data team is 15 members strong and dedicated exclusively to ERP talent.



Collectively the Kapital Data team interacts with 500 ERP professionals every single day generating significant talent insights.



Over the past 1000 SaaS Professional searches, Kapital Data has over 90% placement rate with retained searches.


Right Fee Structure

We offer sensible fee structures that will work with every client’s budget and expectations.

Our Fees: Retained Search vs. Contingent Search


Retained Search

Contingent Search


Our retained search fee is $5K/month (paid in advance, along with the executed agreement) + 10% of the first year's compensation. 25% of the first year's compensation.


Exclusivity Non-Exclusive

Top Reasons

You’ll save money.

You pay for search services out of the gate, but you’ll fill higher level roles and pay fees based only on the candidate's annual salary. Plus, you’ll save by only hiring and onboarding the right talent for your organization.

You only pay when placement is successful.

Working with multiple firms, there is a low-to-no up-front investment and limited time commitment. Engagement can be as long or as short as your needs require.


You’ll see better quality candidates.

Working with one firm allows them to zero in on exactly the type of candidate you’re looking for. Over time, they gain a better understanding of your needs and goals and can tailor their search to your specific needs.

You’ll see more candidates

Using multiple recruiting firms can widen your search, and firms are motivated to produce candidates as quickly as possible because they know they’re competing against others for your business.


You’ll fill the position more efficiently.

Because a retained firm understands your specific goals and needs, they’re more likely to discover the talent that you’re looking for. This can save you time and money hiring and onboarding the wrong candidate who is not right for your organization.

You’re not committed to just one recruiter.

While the potential for hiring unsuitable candidates is higher when working with non-dedicated firms, working with several recruiters does allow you to tap into a wider talent pool and may open your eyes to candidates you wouldn’t have initially considered.


Your candidates will have a better experience.

No one likes to interview for a position that’s above or beneath them. A dedicated firm understands your needs and the qualifications of candidates, setting up win/win interviews. This streamlines the hiring process and gets you to the final decision-making stage faster.

You get a diverse candidate pool

Working with multiple firms, you’ll receive suggestions for a wider variety of candidates with a greater diversity of skill sets. This can make the hiring process longer and more time-consuming, but it can turn up a candidate or a skill set that you may have initially overlooked.


You’ll maintain the integrity of your employer brand.

Your dedicated firm will work with you to determine the recruiting strategy and process. This systematic approach means you’re likely to find better candidates, and potential hires will have a better experience.

Your brand will become more visible.

Instead of targeting specific talent, firms will reach out to a wider pool of candidates, getting your name and your needs out to a variety of people and increasing your visibility among those in the industry.

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