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At Kapital Data, we have a pipeline of Kronos talent that we have built over 50+ years of cumulative experience of our Kronos team. When you choose us, you are deploying product experts for the various application pillars of Kronos.

Talent Acquisition





Training Management


Workforce Managment


Personnel Management


Product Technology


Employee Self-Service


Dream Hire

DreamHire has a 96% success rate, which is not just because of our diligent process, but because we also actively follow up with you and candidates routinely. This feedback allows us to communicate to either parties and bridge gaps if any, which enhances the client and candidate experience. DreamHire is not just a platform, it is beyond that.
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Contract Staffing

34% of the U.S. workforce is now engaged in contract staffing. The landscape of the American workforce is favoring a shift toward the flexibility of contract workers. As BabyBoomers retire and Millennials enter the workforce in a changing economy, contract staffing has become an attractive option for both candidates and clients.
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Offshore Staffing

Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions. Our fee structure is sensible and highly feasible for all our clients. We believe in our values and vision towards the delivery
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We have supported Kronos users in these industries:


Public Sector




Commercial Organization


Health Care

Our Testimonials

Efficiency, quality candidates, and many to choose from

Tammy Mickelson, CIO of The Fedcap Group

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