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Oracle Cloud - Staffing Sales

We are a niche ERP staffing company servicing top-talent and clients with an investment in either Oracle Cloud/eBS, Workday and Peoplesoft. We have built an infrastructure and process that enables our team to sell across multiple ERPs. The depth and breadth of our capabilities and the support systems enable anyone with drive and ambition to succeed and prosper at levels above what they could otherwise do because we give you the ability to fulfill your client's needs rapidly and cost-effectively. We have plans to add quality sales professionals in most major markets, we are sure we have an opportunity that will provide mutual success.


Currently, we are hiring a seasoned Oracle Cloud Staffing Sales Professional.  

 Responsibilities and Duties 

1) Identify Oracle Cloud Systems Integrators 

2) Convert into long term KapData clients.


1) Competitive Salary, Benefits, and Incentive Structure 


2) Partner-level Profit Sharing 

Required Candidate profile

1) Recent 1 year of focused Oracle EBS / Cloud Staffing Sales Expertise -

2) Overall 5+ years of US Staffing ERP/IT Recruiting

3) A deep desire to own your staffing business


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