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Growth Architect - Digital Marketing Specialist

The Opportunity

  1. Relentlessly Research, Develop, Execute and Fine-tune GROWTH creating campaigns that communicate how our Staffing Service Offerings solve client problems - by championing the best interests of our clients above all else
  2. Design and execute a seamless client on-boarding plan by mapping out the multi-channel triggers and social nudges that further the customer journey from the moment of first touch-point to completed and repeat transactions
  3. Execute multi-channel marketing campaigns that accelerate awareness, consideration, and on-boarding of New Clients
  4. Examine client feedback, personas, and data to isolate root-causes of where clients may be getting stuck in the customer-journey; Develop and implement fact and data-driven solutions that empower users to get unstuck
  5. Optimize growth + marketing campaigns to ensure they are mutually reinforcing, generating force-multipliers that enable us to 'do more with less'
  6. Collaborate with Kapital Data Sales and Recruiting Leadership in regular publishing of thought-provoking and well-researched postings and articles that become widely cited across the media and industry
  7. Participate in the industry trade shows and evangelize our service offerings
  8. Collaborate with team on client presentations
  9. Demonstrate energy, initiative, resolve, persistence, and creativity to solve roadblocks and hit imminent milestones
  10. Create champions in the community and "influencers" across the industry to ensure solutions are embraced and adopted

The Requirements

  1. Professional experience in the art and science of Digital Marketing
  2. Great writing skills
  3. "Why Not?" entrepreneurial mindset
  4. Good visual/multimedia design and development skills
  5. Passionate Client engagement skills
  6. Proven experience in execution of a Growth Marketing Plan
  7. Solid Proven Background in design, creation, and executing in E-Mail Campaigns that deliver.
  8. Exposure to Search Engine Marketing / Optimization (SEO / SEM)
  9. Solid Research experience
  10. Ability to handle end-to-end responsibility of Digital Marketing that will deliver results.


About Kapital Data

Award-winning (#1 Philadelphia100 for 2019) Enterprise Software Staffing specialists.

What makes this opportunity special?

You WILL want and have the real opportunity to...

  • Knock-it-out-of-the-park not just every other week or even every other day, but every single day you come to work in the development and launch of Kapital Data’s impactful staffing platform development to engage our clients and talent
  • One constant across our sales, recruiting, and business growth roles is the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial, relaxed but positive and upbeat environment and directly with the Founder – who is committed to your personal success as much as that of Kapital Data
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