The Ultimate Guide to find your best PeopleSoft Talent

  • “The second consecutive month that unemployment rose; the seasonally adjusted rate was 3.7% in June and 3.5% in May.”


  • “Many of America's most respected businesses are turning away millions of qualified applicants for no good reason at all.”


  • “The national rate was 5.4% in July, more than a point below Pennsylvania’s. In a survey of households, the labor force shrank by 16,000 in July, closer to 6.3 million.”


  • “New Mexico had the nation’s highest June unemployment rate, at 7.9%. The state is bracing for the expiration Sept.”


Something consistent in all of the above statements is that unemployment is at its peak in the US. Such episodes make us realize that there are so many underlying factors and not just one because this is even happening. There are jobs, but not many people are getting the job role they desire even after being highly qualified. One of the affecting factors is the pandemic. Still, after recovering from the pandemic, many working professionals quit their jobs, and many job seekers are not getting the desired position. What could be the reason? Let me help break it down for you.


Research turns up several issues; the lion's share of the blame falls on companies recruiting practices, mainly due to specific job descriptions and automated hiring software that unnecessarily screens out many qualified candidates. 


The reason for an employee to be unsatisfied and have to drag themselves to work is also because they are not the correct fit for the role. If recruiters are using automated hiring software that is not well tested and is not modified to fit the need of the hour, they are losing out on candidates who will be the perfect fit for the role. That’s where the loopholes in your recruitment process show up. You need to understand that recruiting an employee involves your time and effort and a massive chunk of your investment. You need to modify your recruitment process. The involvement of Talent Acquisition science and technology should play a significant role in the process. It’s not new that science and technology are advancing to make our lives easier and our processes more efficient, helping us choose the best using proven track records. Although, it’s every recruiter’s responsibility to use science and technology in a way that enables you to make the right decisions and not lose out on some valuable candidates. Here at Kapital Data, we use our DreamHire platform, a unique evidence-based recruitment process that helps you put all the information about candidates at your disposal. It goes on to help hiring managers like you make more informed decisions. We will list down how DreamHire can help you, but eventually, it’s on you to choose the pick of the bunch.


The top 3 ways DreamHire helps you - 

    • It helps you minimize your commercial downtime by sending your way only those PeopleSoft candidates who hold some value and not make you suffer through the entire process of distilling out from the pile of resumes lying on your desk.
    • It helps you reduce your overall cost to hire - we do not want you to incur the cost of a bad hire. Period!
    • It improves the new employee retention rate to 96% giving you up to 12 months free candidate replacement guarantee. Yes, 96% of DreamHires are still working on their first anniversary!


The process of DreamHire is of a more 21st-century digitized recruitment process that uses a multi-channel digital content marketing strategy. We identify your pain points in our first intake meeting before offering you our services. Our goal is not only to help you find the perfect PeopleSoft candidate and build a long-lasting relationship with you. We create a Candidate Information Packet (CIP) to help the candidates better understand the organization and the role in general. The cherry on the cake is that we have pocketed a robust pre-existing network of PeopleSoft Talent over the years.


PeopleSoft, as we all know, is a popular ERP software used in many different industries. In addition, it is transforming their customer’s lives, making their day-to-day activities more accessible and more efficient for them. Although PeopleSoft already has excellent functionality, one new feature is added to a system every day. In total, nearly 2,000 new features have been released over the last few years. 


Newer ways of hiring will always come up, and many recruiting firms are incorporating it. The wisest option would be to choose a method or a methodology that is tried and tested. Selecting a method that has proven to bore results in the past should be your way to go.

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