Why So Optimistic?

July 26, 2016  | Kumar Mangala

It is 9:00 PM July 4th 2016 and the fireworks are going off in the distance. My dog Casey lies at my feet like a nervous wreck, he is not fond of fireworks. As I sit to write this note at a time when we are at end of the runway and we are about to take off. I must conf

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Is Staffing a Numbers Game?

July 23, 2016  | Kumar Mangala

There comes a point in every business when you seriously look at what efforts are producing profit and what efforts are squandering your profits. Waste is not cool. Waste pollutes, and waste erodes profits.
If you are either in Staffing, and are similar to most Staffing

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Ticket to Freedom

July 10, 2016  | Kumar Mangala
YOU are someone who have long cherished the desire to build your very own Million Dollar staffing business.
Or, are you are a new mom and would like a work-from-home job?
Or, are you someone who has been laid-off from your corporate IT job? It's over 26 weeks and your un
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