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Core Values

May 26, 2018 | Kumar Mangala

Core Values

I have had the opportunity to start a business and experience it go through massive growth; and also the misfortune to see it all disappear. Not once but twice, over a span of two decades. The misfortune is especially heightened by the heartbreaking decisions one has to make when a business experiences negative growth.

Now, once again, as I transition from a soloprenuer to a small business that is poised for growth, I am focused on a throbbing idea: How to build a business that grows sustainably?

I have consulted business leaders, business coaches, read business books, talked to other entrepreneurs and it is now becoming evident to me that setting up core values and practicing them every day and every moment will give my business a fighting chance to accomplish its purpose.

Of course, almost every business owner out there has a vision, mission, business plans, core values, etc. Then why is it so many businesses succumb sooner than later? Poor execution. Even when you execute very well - you need to safeguard against the bolt from the blue. You may perform exceptionally in Year 1 - through Year 13, and then boom all of a sudden shit happens....you try to innovate, you get greedy, overlook your core values, your business plan and act opportunistically.

It is for these reasons it is imperative to not only have your Core Values established and have the entire company buy into the core values and make it the responsibility of every person in the company to uphold these core values and correct anyone and everyone that isn't operating within core values or is about to break one. This process, I believe, is what creates the company culture, the company brand and its ethos.

With this post, Kapital Data Corp is starting on a journey today, this moment, to figure out what are our core values are going to be and how is it that we are going to uphold these values. As it's founder, I'd like the following core values to be adopted.

* Attendance
* NOW!
* Greater Good
* Endless Positive Stamina
* Communicate Proactively
* Fanatical Believers

1) Attendance - Be present, on time and at our place of work.

2) NOW! - We are a team of doers and believe in the power of the present - not procrastinating things we can do now to sometime in the future. This is what set's us apart.

3) Greater Good - We will always act with integrity for the greater good of the company, our clients, and employees.

4) Endless Positive Stamina - Always Positive! NO room for negative associates.

5) Communicate Proactively – We will frequently communicate with an honest reflection of the truth. Especially, when it isn't convenient.

6) Fanatical Believers - build a team that truly believes in our values. NO room for non-believers.

As a collective team (Andrea Rickman, Bhaskar Reddy, Linda Lusk, Scott Hagedorn, Ashwini Bhaskar, Bharath Vasishta, Anil Babu Allaparthi, Rajasimha Srivatsava), I expect, we will wrestle; over the next few days, weeks, months - however long it may take; to decide on what our core values are and those which we will make a commitment to live by. I will be posting in greater detail on each of our core values.


Happy Memorial Weekend! Please remember all those who sacrificed for our freedoms and comforts.




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