Is Staffing a Numbers Game?

Is Staffing a Numbers Game?

July 23, 2016 | Kumar Mangala

There comes a point in every business when you seriously look at what efforts are producing profit and what efforts are squandering your profits. Waste is not cool. Waste pollutes, and waste erodes profits.
If you are either in Staffing, and are similar to most Staffing companies, I predict a whopping 75% of your Reks do not ever close.


In staffing, there are key steps that need to be executed properly to win consistently. A crucial step to winning in staffing is "Qualifying a Rek." If you are responsible for "Rek Intake", you need to make sure you are asking questions so that you can surround yourself with information to wrap your arms around the Rek and secure that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know victory is just a comfortable block away. However, even though you aren't feeling the warmth, and yet you go ahead and work on a "Cold Rek", of course you are assured of a 25% close ratio, or lesser. No doubt, you start to believe that staffing is a "numbers game". Plain and straightforward.

Qualifying the Rek does not guarantee that you will close the business. But it is perhaps the most important step. The following are my favorite questions I ask Hiring Managers to qualify Reks.


  1. What is the compelling reason for hiring this position? Can you share the story behind this opening?

  2. Can you share your company's differentiators that may help us in attracting high-quality candidates? Tell me how you would pitch the job to an ideal candidate.

  3. When I need to get hold of you urgently, say because I need to get a quick decision or clarification, would it be okay to call or text you on your mobile number?

  4. If we identified your ideal candidate today, could you interview the candidate tomorrow? If not? What is your timeline for hiring this person?

  5. You know, time is the essence of most deals and often time kills promising deals. So would it possible for you to share your public calendar with me so I could schedule interviews with top candidates quickly?

What are your favorite "Rek Intake" questions? What questions seem to reveal the most information, the proverbial Keys to the Kingdom?

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