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Ticket to Freedom

July 10, 2016 | Kumar Mangala
YOU are someone who have long cherished the desire to build your very own Million Dollar staffing business.
Or, are you are a new mom and would like a work-from-home job?
Or, are you someone who has been laid-off from your corporate IT job? It's over 26 weeks and your unemployment benefits ended and you haven't found a job yet.

Or, are you a successful IT recruiter and stuck in your lousy job where your ability to earn as much you want to be limited?
Or, are you my favorite kind? You are an IT consultant who's been dreaming of getting off-the-road and starting your own IT Consulting & Staffing business - working when you want to and from where-ever, you wish to.
If you are one among those listed above. Don't despair. Pull up a chair and listen to Uncle Kumar, I have just the opportunity what you were looking for these past weeks and months.

I've come to realize why the United States of America is the envy of the world. To borrow a phrase from Ted Cruz, "America is not a land mass between two oceans but a simple idea that FREEDOM MATTERS". I have experienced what Freedom is. I would do everything in my power to help anyone who truly wants to live in Freedom. Granted, my idea of Freedom is focused partially on financial freedom but primarily on the freedom to choose with whom you wish to work with.

For those of you who don't like to read long posts, watch the video at the end of this post. However, if you truly want to change your life (or the life of someone), and enjoy financial freedom, reading this note is kind of crucial.

If you are still reading, I think I have a great opportunity for you. The opportunity is within the lucrative world of IT Staffing (IT is the umbrella term for Enterprise Software (ERP, CRM, etc), Cloud, Web 3.0, IoT, Big Data. in short everything that is Information Technology). This is an opportunity to ultimately own your very own business and achieve financial freedom. You ask: How? Madgigs is your solution to do so. Madgigs is the complete platform for IT Staffing Startups. We will show you how to leverage Madgigs to book solid business and decent profits earn real cash money. Of course, you need to be prepared to work hard. You need to be ready to learn and learn fast. You need to be leave behind old habits, your phone shyness and get on the phone to research and learn about IT professionals and be curious and have a genuine sense of service towards clients and candidates.

FRESHERS>>>>>You may start out by first sourcing for all of Madgigs clients and their jobs. Also learn the business from the ground up, especially, if you are new to IT Staffing. You will be sourcing for Madgigs clients who leverage our Referral Engine to benefit from the power of crowd-sourced referrals. You can start earning dollars on the first day of the program if you put in the effort and follow the Madgigs Staffing Incubator Program.

EXPERIENCED>>>>>> if you are an experienced IT Staffing Professional or a Senior IT Professional / Consultant you can start on Day 1 as the Founder and CEO of your niche staffing company. Whether you have $100K, $20K or $1K in your bank to invest - money does not matter as much as you think. Whether you are situated in the USA or India - it does not matter. However, you need to be prepared to work twice as hard as you currently do in your dead-end job. I will show you how to convert that hard work into profitable revenue.

At this point, you may be wondering who the heck am I. I am the Founder of Madgigs. I have a few years of experience in IT staffing. I am also the founder of Kapital Data Corp a staffing infant; we started this year. And last month leveraging Madgigs I booked over $500,000.00 in staffing revenue. I am on a "Gyan Bato" trip - (more on it later).

When you join, you can start earning money by sourcing candidates for all open jobs with a referral bonus on Madgigs and get paid every week! All you need is your own laptop, connectivity to the internet and 4 hours a day to dedicate to learning and working. THIS IS NOT A JOB - but YOU WILL GET PAID for every candidate you the source - GUARANTEED.

You ask what is the Pay.

  1. $1 for every candidate sourced for a particular job (*for first 10 candidates, for next 10 it will be lower)

  2. $1 for every candidate you source when they apply for the job (that would qualify as a conversion! regardless of the candidate being shortlisted. (*for first 10 candidates, for next 10 it will be lower)

  3. 75% of the advertised referral bonus if the candidate you source is hired. The range for Referral Bonus can be $200 (min) - $20,000.00 - Average Bonus is $1000.00/placement

50% of net profit for SALES OR 50% of net profit for RECRUITING.
Net Profit = 80 % of raw gross profit. Example $100 is bill rate $80 is pay rate gross profit is therefore $20. Net profit is $16/hr. The 20% will be to cover operational costs (Taxes, Insurance, Job Boards, Office Rent, email, hardware, software, etc).


I am sure the skeptics amongst us will always wonder why I would do this? Why would I not charge a Franchise Fee? It is healthy to be skeptical - especially when there are so many self-appointed celebrity consultants amongst us. The answer is simple: The business model at Madgigs is designed such that if you win we win. Madgigs keeps 25% of referral bonus - that is how we make money to keep the lights on. If you lose we will too. So know that we are invested in your effort. My motto is, if you want to make money one sure way is by adding value to others - share knowledge in a way you empower others. That's predominantly my raison d'etre for this journey.

Most recruiters are spray-and-pray recruiters. We have no use for these type of Recruiters - especially, in today's market. In the prevailing market, there is a war being waged for talent. Every qualified candidate we source moves us a step closer to winning the war. Every qualified candidate we lose to competition will cost us the war. A great recruiter is first a great sourcer. Sourcing has the keys to the kingdom. It's that simple.

If you follow my guidelines and learn to source quality candidates - and at the end of 6 months, or when you have sourced 1000 candidates (with a 25% conversion ratio). We will HIRE you. You can work-from-home. There will be a hygienic base salary plus sky-is-the-limit commissions for every deal you close.

But if you are like me and are after true freedom, then you will want to work for the world's best boss: you (yes, YOU of course) - by starting your company and join the entrepreneur club.

Join me and I will show you how to start, run your staffing business and book your first 100K in staffing business leveraging the Madgigs platform.
If you are an experienced technical recruiter and have the self-confidence and you don't need my guidance - just head to Madgigs and sign up as a recruiter. If you need help with payroll funding, Madgigs will help you with that. However, if you are experiencing and yet lack the confidence I will show you the ropes. You will intern for me and shadow me. You will never pay me a single penny. But you will need to follow my program to a tee. Join today and start sourcing for me. It's simple - the goal is to:
Source 1000 candidates with a 25% conversion rate. And you would have taken control of your life changed your life forever.


Nuff said. Mic drop.

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