Complete Intelligence. Total Sureveillance

Complete Intelligence. Total Sureveillance

January 1, 2016 | Kumar Mangala

The convergence of IoT, Cloud and Big Data. Fueled by the Open Source movement with industrial grade technologies makes "1984" finally a possibility in 2016.

Convergence of IoT, Cloud and Big Data

Earlier today I coined a phrase and am betting it's going to take us by storm in the new year. Before you get too excited, I must warn you that my inspiration to coin the phrase: complete intelligence, occurred to me while I was watching Daniel Craig's Spectre.

The idea of a "Total Surveillance" is not entirely new. However it seems apt on this last day of 2015 to predict with fair bit of certainity that in the new year the promise of complete intelligence capable systems will be realized. Not just in the domain of powerful first world Governments, but in the domain of business as well - small and big. (More on the HOWs in future posts. Follow me.)

I am super optimistic of this possibility. I hasten to add not just a possibility but probability. It's not entirely a terrible thing. There is no doubt we will all have to do with a whole lot lesser privacy. However the tradeoff is worth every shred of our lost privacy. In exchange, we will have a much much more intelligent world. These technologies have the capability to improve human life by an order of magnitude. If cellular phones lifted a billion humans from poverty ....just imagine what this convergence of the trifecta (Big Data, IoT and Cloud) can do. Imagine.
And that it a reason to celebrate not just tonight, but for a long long time.
Cheers. Health and Happiness in 2016.

Remember - Complete Intelligence. You heard it here first.

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