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Andrea Rickman

Higher Education Practice Lead

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About Andrea:

Andrea lives in the Denver, CO area with her husband, daughter and sons. She started her IT career with an Oracle Platinum Partner Systems Integration firm that specialized in PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud and Salesforce.com technologies. Never to back away from a tough challenge, by her 3rd year she was assigned to build the Oracle Sales Cloud practice team and brought on 13 FTE implementation team members and 18 contractors in various Peoplesoft skill sets in an 18 months period. She has been in direct sales for nearly 30 yrs and uses that sales experience in identifying the needs of her clients and is dedicated to filling those needs with highly ranked, technically skilled, and culturally matched resources. Andrea is a solid team player with a history of success. Her children are a reflection of her high standards. Her motto: What you do today must be important to you because you exchange a day of your life for it!